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Regular readers will have noticed the last couple of reviews I have done – well, any reviews since mid-August – have been NetGalley ARCs. Until then I was reading whatever book took my fancy/seemed interesting/is deemed important and while I have still be reading those, I have not been blogging about them.

A few weekends ago – in a moment of emotional despair – I read My Mad Fat Teenage Diary, Oranges are not the Only Fruit and Eleanor & Park in one sitting. It was glorious, it completely lifted my mood, but I still haven’t blogged about it.

Why? Due to my (ridiculous) unemployment I have had eons of free time to read, in fact I am reading more than I can review. Technically, that probably cannot be seen as anything to complain about, but I am being completely honest when I say I would rather have a job than all this free time. I need to be employed; I need the direction and I need the mental stimulation. I probably need the social interaction as well, but as I have clearly decided to become a penniless house-hermit I will suppress that.

This does not mean that I don’t enjoy ARCs or that there is no merit to blogs that focus on them. I have discovered some fantastic books recently, which I would not have known about if not for NetGalley. In addition, I read a lot of wonderful blogs that review ARCs and I thoroughly enjoy them – I wouldn’t have found Rainbow Rowell without them! However, I feel when I blog continuously about ARCs I am projecting a shiny veneer beneath which I lack depth. I didn’t begin blogging for high stats or lots of free books, it was to discuss reading with a like-minded group of people, and I feel like I have been focusing on the former – I need balance.

Thus, I have decided to calm down my NetGalley requests and reclaim that balance – perhaps a 60/40 split in favour of already published books.

Consider this a return to normal broadcasting….., well, until you read my post on Booktubing and Podcasts anyway.

What’s your balance between ARCs and other books?

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*Hug* Recently, well, in terms of how long I’ve been blogging it’s recent, I realised I wasn’t reading enough of ‘my own’ books. This isn’t Netgalley related (in fact in a way I think Netgalley books might be easier in this way) but when I received email pitches I was always giving a rough date of when the person could expect a review. This put a lot of pressure on me and stopped me adding my own books into the mix – and reading books that aren’t ARCs is important to motivation. So now I give a very very rough… Read more »


I hate job searching, so I wish you the best of luck with that, I have approximately a two to one ratio. I read two arcs and one older book, at least it works out roughly to that. Sometimes I have a whole load of new books to deal with and other times it’s pretty quiet on that front. I have, as of late, been exercising my iron will in regards to Netgalley. I did not request anything in the month of September. I was actually quite proud of that. Of course, reading all the others blogs causes me to… Read more »

Jenny @ Reading the End

Poor you to be job searching! That is such a stress, and I hope you are being kind to yourself.

I read way more ARCs than I did before I got a NetGalley account, but I still try to keep a good balance between those and the rest of my reading. When I get too obsessed with NetGalley, I sometimes forget about all the amazing books that are already published and do not come with reviewing obligations that will make me feel guilty if I do not meet them.