Can we all just take a moment to reflect on how amazing the Dancing Baby gif is.


In school, if you didn’t watch Ally McBeal or Buffy, you weren’t experiencing life. I watched both, I’m not sure if I enjoyed either, that didn’t seem to be the point of watching them. Back at home I was introduced to the internet fairly early (only now do I realise how amazing that was) and it was through these two experiences that I discovered the dancing baby gif.

Second only of course to the Hamster Dance. It makes me sad that children discovering the internet today have it filtered and (relatively) organised, discovering the internet in the late 90s was magical.

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I had the same sad realization about dying memes when I found out my younger sister had never heard of the Numa Numa song! I hadn’t actually seen the dancing baby gif, but the hamster dance was awesome :)

RebeccaScaglione - Love at First Book

So as kind of a side note to this, remember how everything used to be all pixelated? And how pixelation is bad? Apparently some new game Minecraft is alllllll about pixelation! Crazy, right?


I was an 80’s baby too. I saw legit acid washed (80’s style) jean shorts on my 21 year old cousin. I was like…what? It’s in. (shudders)


I love the first few seasons of Ally McBeal (and then stopped watching) and mostly liked Buffy. X-Files was my go to show in the 90’s even though I was too young for the content (probably).

Meggy (Adrift on Vulcan)

I have a little confession: I’ve never seen that gif before in my life. I know, I know! I’m way outdated. But thank you, Alice, for sharing it with me, because it totally brightened up my day (err — night). I can’t stop laughing, haha. “In school, if you didn’t watch Ally McBeal or Buffy, you weren’t experiencing life.” — Yowch. Busted. Once again. But you can’t really blame me, because I hardly watch TV, and we’re too lazy to go and fix up the channels to watch. And yes, the internet is pretty darn awesome when it wants to… Read more »