Verbally, I am not particularly articulate; I walk around a story when I try to tell one. It’s not that I don’t understand my emotions, or others, I just find it difficult to express them in their given situations i.e. you may find me laughing at funerals, or experiencing ‘Bitchy Resting Face’ on fun nights out.

Bitchy Resting Face:

While I dislike the term ‘Bitchy Resting Face’ it does accurately communicate that while I (and my fellow sufferers) may look bored/upset/annoyed we’re not, we are just internalising rather than expressing.

How does this relate to books? Books are the medium from which my emotions flow, sometimes I experience more emotionally from a book than a moment in real life. Books can reduce me to heavy tears or raucous laughter; I look forward to leaping into them, for my attention to be carried away by their stories or absorbed by their facts.

Are books the window into your soul?

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Cayce E.

Bitchy resting face! LOL! I have been told that I look expressionless while reading like my soul has left my body or something. And when it’s a funny book I tend to smile/laugh out loud (which is not so great if I happen to be in public at the time)


When you’re not looking how you ‘should’ look and someone asks you if you’re ok…

I expect a person probably could tell a bit about me from seeing me read. That said I’ve no idea how I come across (I hope it’s deep in thought!) They don’t always have a big impact on me, but they can make me laugh and on occasion cry.

Jenny @ Reading the End

I think I’m fairly animated in conversation, but I don’t have hardly any reaction to books as I’m reading them. Very, very occasionally I’ll cry, and even occasionally-er I’ll laugh out loud, but mostly I’m a staid reader.

Rebecca Scaglione - Love at First Book

Books aren’t necessarily a window into my soul. But without books, my soul is a whole lot bitchier!


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