Poetry: Confession by Louise Gluck

To say I’m without fear–
It wouldn’t be true.
I’m afraid of sickness, humiliation.
Like anyone, I have my dreams.
But I’ve learned to hide them,
To protect myself
From fulfillment: all happiness
Attracts the Fates’ anger.
They are sisters, savages–
In the end they have
No emotion but envy.

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Jenny @ Reading the End

I was reading an article the other day about the idea that “all happiness / Attracts the Fates’ anger” — apparently that idea is a major component of depression. Interesting, eh? (Interesting to me, definitely! I suffer from depression, and I do feel anxious about too much good fortune. :p)

Nell C

Oh God this is brilliant. So short but so relatable and adding a new depth to the idea of vulnerability and self-preservation.

Nell at And Nell Writes


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