We need to talk about: book festivals

Daunt Book Festival

Short and sweet post today as I am currently at The Daunt Books Festival, immersed in talks. It’s my first book festival, and although I am writing this post a few days in advance I am certain I will be/am wondering why I have never done this before. (Money, lack of local events [that I am aware of] and laziness I would imagine.)

So I question you dear readers, have you been to book festivals or events before (London Book Fair, Hay, author signings)? How did you like them? And if not, why not?

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I’ve been to LBF. The issue with festivals, for me, is the cost of the various talks. It mounts up. I have attended a couple of author signings and launches and I like them a lot because you get the reading and a sense of what the book is about beyond what you’d get from the blurb. Hope you enjoyed the festival!

Annabel (gaskella)

Personally I love them. I’ve just been to several events at the Oxford Literary Festival. There’s certainly a buzz, but you don’t get to talk to the authors like at a smaller event.