Extract: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“The problem is you think everyone is like you. You think you’re the norm but you’re not.”

– Obinze, Americanah p.92

I remembered these lines throughout the novel, it speaks for the Americanah on so many occasions Рit illuminates. It also goes without saying, that this is something we should all keep in mind.


It’s bank holiday Monday today. I’ve decided holiday time off work should also be time taken off from the blog, so no review till next week.


What is your favourite passage from Americanah? If you’ve not read it, give me a quote from your favourite book.

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Jenny @ Reading the End

I can’t find my commonplace book, but there was something Obinze says about feeling a hollow space between himself and the person he’s supposed to be. I liked that a lot — when I hit adulthood, I felt that way a lot.