It was my birthday on Sunday, and to celebrate I dragged (I didn’t drag, she wanted to come as much as I did) my friend off to see my hero, Caitlin Moran.


The woman is hilarious, and SO lovely. We met her afterwards to sign a copy of How to be  a Woman – the book that made me a feminist – and she is the nicest person to EVERYONE she meets. I’d have been a grumpy, sleepy moo after two people.

I read How to Build a Girl the day before……., and I didn’t love it. I put this down to my lack of enjoyment of YA books. This is the type of book I needed at 16! Sadly even now I feel like Johanna, the protagonists, is living life more than I am. Caitlin read an extract of the book during the event, which made me want to listen to the audio book. The voice in my head while reading was no where near as funny as her reading aloud.

Caitlin ended the show on a empowering note, ‘fake it till you make it’ – unless you want to fake being a cunt. ‘Only a cunt would want to fake being a cunt.’ Oddly, this is exactly what I needed to hear (not the bit about the cunts), fear isn’t something you should live your life by. I’ve never been to anything else that ends as a massive support group, it was great. Well, technically it ended with a story about a period and Benedict Cumberbatch, but you get the point I’m trying to make.

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RT @nomoreparades: How to Build a Girl & seeing Caitlin Moran live #ofBooks

Jenny @ Reading the End

Shame you didn’t love the new book! Don’t you sometimes wish you could travel back in time and give books to your old self?


That is such a cool way to spend your birthday and I am glad you got to meet her.

Hahahah. I love that quote so much. It’s perfect. xD

Anbolyn Potter (@anbolynp)

Happy Birthday to you! I think Caitlin Moran is hilarious and inspiring – how wonderful that you got to see her for your birthday.


I saw this briefly whilst I was away but the wifi was rubbish so have only just had a chance to read it. Happy (very, very, very) belated birthday! Sounds like such a wonderful way to spend it. I am still yet to read How To Be a Woman but I have heard so many people say how influential it was. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy How To Build A Girl as much. Now I am intrigued about the story of a period and Benedict Cumberbatch???


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