My book buying is out of hand. Even in my second month of not buying any (physical) books from Amazon I still have managed to accrue an alarming amount. They range from second-hand books (how can you resist a 50p book, HOW!?!) to a Daunt Books splurge.

As much as I hate restricting my reading, something has to give – otherwise my shelves will. I sorted my shelves at the beginning of December, pulling out books I wouldn’t read and hadn’t read, it was a big enough pile then. How have I managed to make it bigger? I may have to implement a one in one out system soon before I lose floor space.

Have a look at my pile, anything you recommend reading next:

to be read pile

And this isn’t even counting the many Kindle books I have.

Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy buying books more than reading them. Or perhaps I’m just an addict, and rather than chugging down all the alcohol or narcotics that will fit into my body I’ve chosen books (and diet coke, but I’d rather not talk about that).

The rush you get from reading them though, wow.

Tell me I’m not alone!


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A few years ago I had a really bad addiction to buy books and had over 400. So many of them I would probably not even read because they ‘looked pretty’ (oops). I ran out of space and took my shelves out, so now I mostly have eBooks. BUT, when I see bookstores or second hand stores, I always drool over the books and have to control my hands from grabbing. xD


You’re never alone when I’m here :)
I am also proof that you can go without buying books (14 months now and counting) even if it isn’t easy! I would recommend the Viv Albertine book, just because I’d like to read it myself…..

River City Reading

I totally feel your pain! I read The Group with my book club not too long ago and thought it was fascinating.

Fleur in her World

I don’t have an answer, but I have found that the TBR Dare has helped. It doesn’t stop me buying books, but I find it easier to be leave books for another time and only take home the truly unmissable when I know that I can only read what was in the house at the start of the year.


You are definitely not alone! I am terrible for downloading books to my kindle because I tell myself they don’t take up any physical space but there is also the out of sight/out of mind problem! Good luck with getting your to-be-read pile down.


I think you have lots of company! :) I like to tell myself that a book addiction is a pretty good addiction to have, if you’re going to have one. I am curious about Thirty Girls – I had it out from the library at one point, but didn’t get time to read it.

Literary Relish

Good point there – I often wonder whether I’m addicted to the buying of books. I know I love reading them but the thrill I get from perusing a book shop is second to none. Impressive pile by the way. Read THE BEES first! :)


I think it’s a good idea that you’ve got them all in one place. Sometimes TBR books can blend in with your bookshelves and you totally forget about them! Half of a Yellow Sun is definitely worth a read.

Kristin B

You’re not alone, dear Alice. It’s so hard to resist books; they’re one of those things you’re always taught from being young as a “good” thing to buy, so it’s like it’s engrained into you that they aren’t a “bad” splurge. At least that’s how my mind works since we always got books as rewards for doing our chores, and such, when we were kids. That said, my to-read shelf got out of control last year (with a good 25-30 books on my shelf I hadn’t read yet), so I imposed a book buying ban. Pleased to said, I’ve stuck… Read more »

Charlie (The Worm Hole)

I probably have a similar number, I’ve just not put them together to know for certain (too scary!) I think you should read the Yates, definitely, and I’ve only heard good words about Persepolis :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

I think I must be the only book blogger on the planet not to have this problem. I love books, but apart from one tremendous annual splurge (there’s a book fair! it’s this week!), I don’t actually buy them that often. I acquire like, one book a month. Tops. Barely anything!