Ever since I began – and finished – listening to Serial, I’ve become somewhat fond of audio-books, podcasts and adaptations.

I never much listened to them before  – other than the bookie kind of my fellow bloggers – but they’ve become a rather comforting indulgence. There is something rather soothing about being read or spoken to (without the discomfort of the person actually being there [introvert problems]).

Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour Drama is a favourite, I’ve gorged on their dramas and adaptations recently. And book wise I’ve been listening to Jane Austen adaptations. Mansfield Park and Persuasion, to be specific. I had listened to an adaptation of Mansfield Park on Woman’s Hour a few months back, which I bought, and I then found a version Amanda Root was in as Fanny Price and I had to buy that as well.

Amanda Root plays, for those who do not know, Anne Elliot in BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Persuasion. It’s also my favourite Austen novel. Thus Amanda Root is holy and all I want to be. She also narrates an abridged version of Persuasion, which I am now listening to. Then I’ll probably listen to her narrating Jane Eyre…., sadly after that I will have expired her Classic narrations. Which I imagine will be a rather difficult time for me.

Of the adaptations of novels I have not read, I’ve not finished any wanting to read the novel. So, with few exceptions (I’m looking at you LotR), I won’t be buying any audio-books of novels I may someday read. I think I shall try and reserve audio-books for my most loved novels. Maybe I should buy Parade’s End next?

What are your favourite audio books or audio-adaptations?

Image is by Angie K (check out the rest of her pictures, she seems pretty awesome).

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I love audio books, adaptations and just general BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra programmes. I nearly always listen to them as I am going to sleep as I find they help me to switch off, something which has led to strange looks from Friends, family and the boyfriend, but you’re right it is soothing. The only trouble is I hear the same thing 10 times as I often fall asleep halfway through and in Serial’s case I had some very bizarre dreams about murder. I would certainly recommend BBC iPlayer radio if you don’t already have it.


I do not have any favorites but audiobooks are interesting to say the least. I just happen to read faster than they can read it themselves.


I have never listened to an audio book or an adaption. So I can’t say if I like or dislike them personally. I think it’s cool that you like them and it can be an extra literary treat. :D


@nomoreparades I’m not such a fan. I find my mind wanders and I can’t get as into it. Ps Elizabeth is missing is SO sad

Kristin B

I love audiobooks! It took me awhile to get into the groove of them, but now I listen to them all the time (mostly while doing odd chores and getting ready in the mornings). I actually have Parade’s End on hold at the library, and am anxiously waiting for it to come in. Otherwise, I find I typically prefer to listen to fantasy novels & series on audiobook. I listened to the entire A Song of Ice & Fire series, the Wheel of Time series, the Hunger Games books. Maybe I’ll switch things up and try an Austen next.


I’ve also only started getting into the world of podcasts and audiobooks. The first audiobook I listened to was The Color Purple narrated by Alice Walker herself. I decided to give it a go because I knew the book had a lot of slang and speech-to-writing, so I figured it would be easier this way. I absolutely loved it because having it read out by the author you get the exact feeling she was trying to convey. I think in this instance reading it myself I may have missed out a bit. The only problem I find is that both… Read more »


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