Hello all,

No real post from me today as I am at the Daunt Books Festival today and tomorrow listening to talks, frolicking amongst books, and probably reading between events.

If you happen to be going too come say ‘hi’ as:

a) I will be alone
b) I like making new friends
c) I would like to meet you lovely people.

If you’re wondering what I may look like should you want to say hi, think, ‘who looks like a Liz Lemon?’ Then look for Hermione hair. Then see who has a bottle green coat, large glasses (so I don’t have to move my head, not for style) and a small notepad. I also may look dishevelled, I can’t control it.


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Sela Still
Sela Still

What a shame – was two rows behind you for the Literary Heroines talk (how good it was!) but hadn’t read your post at that point. Could have told you how much I enjoy your blog. Oh well, next year maybe.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Was it fun? Was a good time had by all? Did any strangers come up to you and say hi?


I hope you have a great time and do get to meet new people. I would go if I could.