I may be prone to exaggeration, but I’m certain that I would never have read I Capture the Castle if it weren’t for Charlie.

I’ve never felt more aligned to a protagonist than I do Cassandra, even now at 29. I gravitate to naïve leads, as often they embody my experiences. Yet, Cassandra represented more feeling and more shared desire than I thought possible.

ictc“I Capture the Castle, for me, was a journey of love in all its guises; its depiction of how selfish we are in love, and the selfish things we do for it, was beautiful.”

Thanks Charlie!

What bloggers have introduced you to your favourite books?

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Jenny @ Reading the End

I owe my love to this book directly to JK Rowling! And my mum, I suppose — JKR got it put back in print, and my mum purchased it on a whim while she was on vacation and brought it home for me and my sisters to read. It’s such an amazing book, and a favorite reread of mine.


It was your wonderful review of The Secret History Alice that persuaded my I really had to read it. Thank goodness I did and a big thank you to you!


Mutual – I don’t think I’d have read The Reader if it weren’t for your review. The Rhodes memoir either – I’d likely have missed that one entirely.

I wasn’t aware JKR got it back in print, either. That’s awesome.


I do love a good book recommendation – I don’t think you’ve done me wrong yet!