You’re so moody Jonathan Pine

I refuse to write any more reviews until I manage to finish The Night Manager by John Le Carre, it’s taking me forever to read it. I managed to read Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng in a matter of hours, an immersive, heartbreaking story, I’ve been reading le Carre for weeks.

Am I drawn to books that are easier to read and have an instant emotional pay off? Sometimes I think I am, the longer or harder the book the more likely I am to assess the time it will take me to get through it based on what I could read in that time. Like an addict wanting a quick hit rather than some quality cut literature.


But no more brain! From this day forward you will be patient (mostly) and spend longer enjoying a good book. Deadlines be damed.


Oh, and Pine is incredibly moody.


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I feel the same way about Le Carre. The novel Will Not End. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? Loathed it.

Jenny @ Reading the End

When I start worrying about needing a quick hit more than a truly satisfying reading experience, I try to schedule myself some uninterrupted reading time. This weekend I had four hours to kill and read a doorstopper of a book about that guy who killed all those Labour Party kids in Norway? The book was really sad, but I finished it and felt better about my attention span. :p

I WANT TO READ THE NIGHT MANAGER, also. And I *super* want to see the new adaptation of it.