Shiny New Books Are My Bag

Issue 12 of Shiny New Books was released last week, full of the usual delights. I reviewed About My Mother By Tahar Ben Jelloun, and here are some of the reviews I enjoyed:

I also had no idea it was Bookshop Day last Saturday, that is until I saw the tweets around lunch time. So I got myself up and headed into Brighton to Waterstones to buy some books. I was struggling to find something I wanted to read and this solved that issue, as I got His Bloody Project and White Teeth. I’ve been trying to read White Teeth for about 10 years now and I think I’m finally in a place mentally to do it.

What did you do for #BookShopDay?

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Jenny @ Reading the End

Hahahaha, of COURSE England has a Bookshop Day. I didn’t do anything for Bookshop Day because that is not a thing that we have, although it sounds magical.


Bookshop Day. That is so awesome. I want one. :D

The covers of those books (and the bag) are fantastic. :D *drool*