We need to talk about: Horror

Between family gatherings and forcing myself to be social now my sister is home for two weeks I found myself watching a scary film. Now, by scary I am talking pretty low on the scary scale, because anything more than a few ‘boos’ and I am shaking in the corner with fear. Tip: should you […]

Poetry: Dear Deborah by Deborah Ager

They tell me that your heart has been found in Iowa, pumping along Interstate 35. Do you want it back? When the cold comes on this fast, it’s Iowa again— where pollen disperses evenly on the dented Fords, where white houses sag by the town’s corn silos, where people in the houses sicken on corn […]

Review: Half Bad by Sally Green

I have a love / ‘ugh, really?’ relationship with young adult fiction. It’s like watching a film; I get lost in the few hours it takes to be absorbed and it generally leaves me crying in cathartic bliss. And then I start to think about it. I’ve mentioned before that I have certain genres which […]