I have returned from the land of Currywurst, left-hand intact. I visited many Christmas markets, went on a four-hour walking tour of the part of the city and took exactly zero photos. I had the opportunity but a) I just wanted to look at it with my own eyes and not through a camera and b) it was hard to…

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ofBooks is off to Berlin

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Berlin for a long weekend, so my hiatus will be lasting through to next week. My hand is healing well, I can see at least two of my knuckles again. No idea what I did to it, I’m just glad it doesn’t look weird anymore. I’ve not read this month, I don’t think I will until…

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The Paris Wife

Here are some past reviews

I have  a weird swollen hand at the moment, so I’m trying not to type. Also, I’ve not really read this month. So, instead I’d like to share a few past reviews on ofBooks… They’re all from 2012, so don’t hold out much hope for quality or, you know, grammar.   The Paris Wife by Paula McLean Do Androids Dream…

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Carrie’s Book Club

Carrie’s Book Club is a delightful creation from YouTuber Carrie Fletcher of ItsWayPastMyBedtime. She’s an avid reader and all around talented lady, and I love that she is chatting about books to her many viewers. December’s box was A Christmas Carol themed; with a Christmas decoration, humbugs, scented candles, a wooden postcard and a bookmark. Carrie includes a letter in…

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