Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

A summer or two ago I bought a Penguin collection of books on love, and after culling from my TBR any books I just wasn’t going to get round to reading Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin was the only one that remained. At 150 pages and while I find myself once again in a slump, […]


The Night Manager by John le Carré

Sometimes there are months, even years, between putting down a book and restarting it. One book begun in November is a totally different book come June (I’m talking about you, Cat’s Eye), and then sometimes the gap doesn’t matter, it’s still a hard read. “In the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington an unholy alliance operates between […]


Game, Set & Match: Sudden Death by Álvaro Enrigue

Translated by Natasha Wimmer. Sudden Death is the History of Tennis wound round a journey through Spain, Mexico, Italy, and a Tennis match between Caravaggio and Francisco de Quevedo. A Tennis match that would lead to Caravaggio’s exile, lasting to just before his death. “Novels demolish monuments because all novels, even the most chaste, are a […]


Literary Life: May in Review

May was another slow blogging month, I had zero desire to read and write, so I decided to stick with reading. I tried to read all the Bailey’s shortlist, but only managed 3/6 – I couldn’t get into either The Glorious Heresies or The Improbability of Love and I don’t want to revisit A Little Life. Ruby, The […]