Idaho by Emily Ruskovich

Review: Idaho by Emily Ruskovich

As I write this post, the Dark Waltz, such by Haley Westenra, is playing in the background – it feels oddly fitting. Not even for the lyrics, but for the melancholy, inevitable melody. Which is how I would describe Idaho by Emily Ruskovich, melancholy and inevitable. “One hot August day a family drives to a mountain…

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Dune by Frank Herbert

Review: Dune by Frank Herbert

I’ve tried to read Dune before. It was a ‘started-but-couldn’t-finish’ during my Books Before 30 years (technically a break from the rules, but it was killing my desire to read). I’m not sure what made me want to read it again, a friend mentioned reading it, a sudden desire to fall into an epic sci-fi,…

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