Books Before 30 – A Recap

My turning 30 has officially put an end to my Books Before 30 challenge, even though I technically gave it up a few months ago. With Desert Island Discs on in the background (I discovered the backlog, hello Michael Gambon) I thought I would recap how I did. Which will probably consist of reasons why I just couldn’t read half or more of what I listed. Total number of books: 63 Books I read: 16 Books ………

Challenge: Books The Remind You Of….

Arcadia by Ash This song makes me inexplicably happy, I listened to it while reading Parade’s End to lift me from my literary anxiety haze. It gives me a feeling of triumph, a feeling of conquering adversity. What books would mash well with Arcadia? – from the general feeling or from the actual meaning of the song/lyrics. Let me know in the comments!