I have no self-control

So my book buying ban lasted, what, a week? Not only have I raided my local bookshop, City Books, I’ve also bought three books from the shop that shall not be named. It all started with Never Let Me Go. My friend read and loved it, and Ishiguro has been in the news due to…

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Audio Books and Adaptations

Ever since I began – and finished – listening to Serial, I’ve become somewhat fond of audio-books, podcasts and adaptations. I never much listened to them before  – other than the bookie kind of my fellow bloggers – but they’ve become a rather comforting indulgence. There is something rather soothing about being read or spoken to (without…

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Mauss by Art Spiegelman

Books That Have Taught Me About War

Being English in times of war or conquest, is a position of privilege. I don’t mean for the people who fight, but as a spectator, a citizen, War is somewhere you go to, visit, fight, wait. From my meagre knowledge of History, past conquests, I cannot think of many events where war has been brought to…

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