Literary Life: April in Review

Due to a rather uneventful March I appear to have forgotten to do any sort of Literary Life for it. Time passed monotonously, with the exception of the Daunt Books Festival, so you’ve not missed out. I’ve always been a bit annoyed with April, that in between month where everything changes but nothing really happens….

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Literary Life: February in Review

I’d like to say this wasn’t one of the highlights of February, but I do so enjoy a giant Kinder egg! I’ve mostly overcome my reading slump this month, I’ve made my way through some books that I’ve wanted to finish for ages. Think Like An Artist especially threw me back into book consumption. Currently…

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Literary Life: November in Review

December, the month of food and festiveness (and shininess – possibly the most important part). While I don’t miss November, I don’t really remember experiencing it either. So although I know I should be skipping the Christmas dance now, I feel a little out of kilter. I want to curl up with a book, but…

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