Hey Nerds

Of Books; my (Alice’s) blog. Hopefully a rather interesting collection of my thoughts on life and opinions on books, but possibly the same as every other blog out there.

Currently my favourite word is Erudite. I read an interview with Terry Guilliam in The Guardian and he said it was his; The interview was amusing, so for now it is also mine.

At this moment I am reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, my favourite novels are To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee and Persuasion by Jane Austin, and my favourite book series is A Song of Ice and Fire. But don’t judge me on them.

When I grow up I want to be a cross between Simon Pegg and Liz Lemon. English, full head of hair, funny, partially fictional and ambiguously gendered. As I am 25 it is possible I am already a grown-up however, I am not entirely sure of this due to a secret collection of soft toys and a Dinosaur shelf.

I live in fear of death, being completely unoriginal and flying insects. Welcome to the blog, I guarantee entertainment, if not enjoyment.

5 thoughts on “Hey Nerds

  1. Hello Alice,
    what a great blog you have, despite the few articles already available. I can tell that like myself, you are a big reader and as I am always looking for the next book to read, I feel like your blog will be very helpful to me in that matter. Wishing you the best,


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