Before I am 30; a Reading Goal – Part 2

I have not come a long way since my last post; two books have now been crossed of the list, one which I loved, and another I could not finish. The first, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, was marvellous; more enjoyable that expected. In contrast Dune by Frank Herbert, while fascinating and beautiful constructed, failed to keep me occupied long enough to get into it the story. I ended up reading a chapter at a time, failing to grasp who was who, what was what and where the hell was I; unable engage with what Dune was developing.

Oddly, Dune was a novel I was sure I would love; it came highly recommended. So I felt disappointed when I reached the point where I needed to move onto another book. If it took me two weeks to get 30% into the novel, God knows how long it would have taken to finish. At my current destination Paul and Jessica have just escaped death; I will not completely give up on Dune, it is always there to come back to, but for now I am done.

One thought on “Before I am 30; a Reading Goal – Part 2

  1. Some books are like that for me as well; I can’t get into them enough to actually finish the book. In ninth grade I had to read Oliver Twist, and it was just… Ugh, I dreaded reading that book, and I just ended up dragging myself through the entire thing. It was absolutely horrible. The writing was nice, but the novel seemed so dry to me. I’m probably not making any sense… However, if you really put your mind to it, you’ll be able to finish it. …Even if you have to drag yourself through the thing. I can’t really say you might be surprised in the end; I finished Oliver Twist, and I still wasn’t surprised that I still disliked it.

    I wish you the best of luck.


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