It’s Not That I Dislike Eye-Contact, It’s That I See Evil In Your Eyes

twitterAfter a rather strange dream about marriage betrayal and my friend screaming at Piers Morgan, I realised the following things:

      1. If I don’t get a job soon I may stop reading all together
      2. Nineteen Eighty-Four is a real struggle; I will finish it this evening or I will die trying
      3. I am addicted to Twitter

One and two explain why I have not posted about a book in a while; I am lacking severely in reading motivation and urge. However, last weekend was the first time in ages that I sat down and read properly, so perhaps the winds of renewed passion are returning.

You may have noticed the social media bar at the side, let me know if it is too offensive or a hiderence to enjoying my blog; all feedback welcome! Speaking of social media, having avoided Facebook since this blog’s inception I have finally given in and created a page for ofBooks you can like. Or, for those of you addicted to Tumblr, you can also follow ofBooks here.

As for Twitter, I may as well have it burned into my retina, I am on it that often; Internet Addiction Anonymous, anyone?

5 thoughts on “It’s Not That I Dislike Eye-Contact, It’s That I See Evil In Your Eyes

  1. I think I would be more addicted to Twitter if I had a better smartphone or a better app. TweetDeck is so slow, I get frustrated, and mostly only check Twitter on my laptop.


  2. I love Twitter a lot but I sometimes have this tendency to close the browser window/app and then forget it exists for a couple of hours. This can be a problem if I’ve just replied to someone – I’ve actually thought of scheduling time each day for Twitter when I know most people would be doing the opposite.

    Keep reading, try not to let unemployment affect it – reading is learning after all 🙂 The side bar looks fine and matches your layout.


  3. I think the thing about “Nineteen Eighty Four” is that the ending is SO GOOD that it makes you appreciate the bits before it much more than you do when actually reading the bits before the ending…if that makes any sense?

    I’m now following you on Twitter. Us addicts had best stick together!


  4. I hope that you are able to find a job soon. Life is stupid sometimes. On the outside the idea seems simple. Work, money, do things you like. However in reality it is not exactly that easy, even when you have studied and to the level you did. You will find something soon, something that fits you.

    Some books are a struggle. You would know this better then me because you read a lot more. It once took me two years to read a book (even though I read many in between in) it was just really hard to endure.

    Oh twitter. It is pretty addictive. So many people, so many things to say and share. 😀

    I followed you on Tumblr and liked your page on Facebook. 😀


  5. I hear ya. I found that unemployment = free time = a lot of reading is a myth, and your mood does play a lot in it. I liked 1984 enough but if you are struggling with it, maybe you can read other things on the side? If you like short stories, they are usually very good distractions.


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