Literary Acquisitions: March

What with owning an evil electronic reading device, and having no shelf space, it is not often I buy books in their physical form. However, when you are presented with the prospect of 50p a book, you know you will somehow make shelf space to accommodate them. Our local Co-op has a charity table stacked with old books; not only do I get new adventures, I get to donate to a good cause at the same time.


In the spirit of honesty, I did buy the The Smith of Smiths purely because it is a Penguin, and for no other reason; just seeing the ‘two shilling’ cost on the cover got me all excited.

The Pelican Brief/A Time To Kill by John Grisham, the monster hardback, my friend discovered for me. I have seen, and loved, the film adaptation of A Time To Kill, I cannot wait to get it read.

Have you found any book bargains of late?

3 thoughts on “Literary Acquisitions: March

  1. Sometimes you just can’t resist books at those kinds of stalls, they really just want to come home with you. I have tried to just limit the number that I get, and to donate books back to those kinds of places. xD


  2. Love the title of the Pearson! It is difficult to walk away from that sort of price empty handed, though two books from stacks is really good. No sales here as late, as far as I know at least. I think Tescos is it…


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