How Much Author Information is Too Much Information?

As a blog author, how much information, do you, or should you share with your readers?

Not just in regards to posts, but for example, an author page or blurb in the sidebar; I would say I give a 20:80 share of personal to non-personal information regarding posting and the information I give about myself at the side.

The level of appropriate sharing will depend on the subject on which you are blogging; general or personal bloggers will need to share a little more of themselves to gain a connection with their readership – however, there is a way to do this without over sharing (Manda and Cassie, for example.) Whereas book bloggers such as myself do not need to share information in the same way to be relevant.

I am in this quandary, because I see many blogs with and without an author bio, and from a reader’s perspective I would like to know if it is interesting having insight into an author, or if you enjoy reading a blog regardless.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are seven vague and possibly uninteresting facts about me:

  1. I was twenty-one when I fell in love with books.
  2. I find it difficult to enjoy Comics or Graphic Novels because of all the pictures – I get distracted.
  3. Nightwish were the first band I loved that had nothing to do with chart hits or mainstream music.
  4. I prefer The Kinks to The Beatles.
  5. And I think Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths and Roxy Music are the greatest bands in existence.
  6. I wrote my University dissertation on the film A Clockwork Orange, and discussed why it was a ‘cultural shock’; it is possibly one of the worst things I have ever written.
  7. I am slightly obsessed with Dinosaurs, Unicorns and Dragons, but I try not to let it interfere with living my life.

NB: This ‘Emergent service worker‘ has got herself an internship in LDN for three weeks; my posting schedule will (hopefully) remain the same, however, you may find Monday’s discussion/non-review posts pithier than usual.

10 thoughts on “How Much Author Information is Too Much Information?

  1. I’m a bit of a personal blogger, but I can never get the balance like Manda or Cassie do, so I end up looking like an insufferable bore and having zero readers. I really like your blurb though, it’s neat and witty.

    On your facts: I always thought you got into books a bit earlier than that for some reason. And your dissertation seems like an interesting read (you said it’s bad, but it could be the good kind of bad). Any chance you’d share an excerpt? 😉


    1. You’re not a bore!!

      I would have to find it…., but I think I should probably burn it – it is worse than you could imagine; the grammar is ridiculously bad.


  2. I tend to find it’s a case of too little information, depending on what the person’s blog is about. If their posts refer to themselves but there’s no biography or personal information at all, it’s hard to understand why the ‘me’ and ‘I’ is in their posts. There’s a disconnect.

    So far I’ve found book blogs to have a fair amount of biography, and of course with more personal blogs you want more because of the subjects they write about, as you’ve said. And if biography happens in the blog posts themselves that can work. I think with us (book bloggers) you want to know favourite books, maybe educational background if it is literature-related (you know where they’re coming from), and perhaps some basics, but anything else is ‘optional’, so to speak. I do prefer blogs with information, because it makes you feel invited and, as in the first paragraph, you can understand everything better.

    Well done on the internship! And a good idea or not (I can’t say as I haven’t seen the film) a dissertation on A Clockwork Orange sounds fascinating.


    1. That’s a really good point – about favourite books and education. If I mock up a bio would you check it over for me?

      It could have been a good essay, but my heart wasn’t in it and I was lousy at writing.


  3. HAH, your number 7 made me smile, especially this: “…but I try not to let it interfere with living my life.”

    Thanks for the mention, by the way. I’ve always tried to maintain an even balance of sharing just the right amount without giving everything away, so it’s nice knowing someone thinks I’ve done so. And I agree with Charlie’s comment on what might constitute a good bio for a book blogger. If you’re trying to pin down a certain niche, you might list a couple books that are in the same genre. If you’re trying to show a range of interests you could say something like: “I like books. Lots of books. Anything from Tolstoy’s War and Peace to Chelsea Handler’s Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.”

    …Or something like that. 🙂


    1. 😀 One of my many attempts to be witty, glad it raised a smile.

      Yeah, I agree with you both, something that is a little personal, but related to my topic of blogging.


  4. Thank you for the link ❤

    Charlie has a point with it often being a case of too little versus too much, though. I don't mind an About page being too late (although of course it's not preferable) but a blurb by nature should be concise! I quite like your blurb in the sidebar. It's concise, to the point and contains relevant info for a book blog.


    1. You’re most welcome.

      Long bios put me off, but only because I worry sharing too much is opening someone up too much to a judgemental world – but that could just be a projection of my own worries.


  5. Blogs without any personal info don’t help me feel there is a person behind all the words. the trick is to give enough info that your readers can sense your personality but not enough that it feels like your memoir..


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