Thursday, the new Friday

Usually, I would have a book review ready for you now; well, I would usually have one ready for you tomorrow – times they are a’changing.

Charlie, once pointed out in a very interesting post, that she found few people visited her site at the weekend in comparison to weekdays. I hadn’t given it much thought to it at the time, sticking to my standard schedule until recently when I noticed my visitor stats reflected similar data. Friday’s have been my review day for a while now, and I do not want an interesting post on a book, or perhaps even a boring one, to go unnoticed, so I have decided to push forward my Friday posts to Thursday.

However, this Thursday, and perhaps a few more thursday while I am interning, I am not sure how many book posts there will be. Hopefully I will have some interesting guests posts on the go (if you would like the opportunity drop me an email, I have the odd slot available) so things will still be a happening around here.

In the absence of a good book, have this; Mark Grist – A Girl Who Reads.

Do you follow a blogging schedule? Have any tips?

5 thoughts on “Thursday, the new Friday

  1. It’s hard not to want to save a post you love for a ‘better’ day, isn’t it? It’s true about traffic, but really it’s simple as just being proud of what you’ve written and getting feedback. Even if you can’t post on Thursdays yet, getting into the new mindset now is a good idea. For tips, just go with your gut as you’re doing here. If it doesn’t work you can always change it. Oh, and write posts in advance, very useful for the days when you’ve got writer’s block but don’t want to miss the scheduled days.

    Love that video. Enough said.


    1. Thank you for more tips! 🙂 [this is why I enjoy your posts on blogging]

      Yeah, writing in advance is key, I had a load of posts stacked up when I had time, but I’ve used them all now. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on reading and writing so I have things ready for the next two weeks.


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