Miniature Musings: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher


“Hello and welcome to Carrie’s voice mail. Due to recent electroconvulsive therapy, please pay close attention to the following options. Leave your name, number, and a brief history as to how Carrie knows you, and she’ll get back to you if this jogs what’s left of her memory. Thank you for calling and have a great day.”

Fisher is candid, sarcastic and wonderfully honest – she is open about her illness and this honesty is refreshing and hilarious. She isn’t self-pitying, shit has happened and she is living life best she can.

My friend Louise once taught me that it is healthier to find things funny than dwell over the horrendousness of them – and that is exactly what Fisher does; you either laugh or you cry and Fisher has chosen laughter.

4 thoughts on “Miniature Musings: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

  1. Honesty, humour and lack of self-pity are good qualities in a memoir (I assume this is a memoir). Sounds like a good read. It’s definitely healthier to laugh when shit happens, but it’s often difficult to do, so thanks for the reminder!


    1. I think it must be (I should edit my catagory really) as it isn’t long enough to constitute autobiography.

      I agree, laughing when it gets bad is difficult – I don’t think I am very successful unless the situation appears really ridiculous, and that seems to be where Carrie is at.


  2. That sounds funny, though if the other side is sadness then I suppose it’s very poignant too. There’s something lovely about books that have those two elements together, they touch your heart and I find I remember them longer for it.


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