About pages, what do you want to know?

While chatting away to Manda at breakthesky.net this week, she mentioned she was going to revamp her About page as it was pretty ‘bare bones’ on details. If hers is bare bones, mine is about as detailed as a failed exam, so it got me thinking about the interesting (or lack there of) state of my own about page and what I could do to improve it.

Manda doesn’t have a book blog, she is one of those talented individuals who can write about their life without sounding like a whiny butt hole. Her about page will be to be different from a book bloggers as she has a different target audience, but that leaves me wondering, what do readers want to know about book bloggers? – is it really that different.

So far my About page looks like this:


I also have a little quirky blurb to the side, sans author picture, but it doesn’t really say anything about me.

I need your help. I know what I enjoy reading; name, location, favourite books and how they came to blog. However, sometimes I will hit an about page and be struck by its difference from the ‘norm’. So I ask you the following questions:

  1. What do you like in your book blogger bios?
  2. What do you add to your own?
  3. What would you all like to know about me and my reading habits?
  4. Should I add a picture to the side bar?
  5. What do you consider interesting information? and
  6. What do you consider to be navel gazing?

What do you want to know about me, Alice, the book blogger?

12 thoughts on “About pages, what do you want to know?

  1. About pages are one of those things that can be really difficult sometimes.

    I don’t know a great deal about book blogger bio pages, but in general on about pages I like to read them and get a sense who the person is, without having to read a million bazillion pages. That is probably no help at all. 😦

    1. Maybe what inspires you, what books you like or something bookish…
    2. My about page is rather basic, I tried to create a general sense of what I like and who I am… maybe. xD
    3. Who are you, what do you do, your favorite books, why you love books, how I can stalk you?
    4. I think it would be nice 😀
    5. Your opinions on books, books similar to each other or suggestions ..
    6. *shrug*

    I don’t know if I was actually any help at all. I do want to wish you luck in making the about page something you are really comfortable with. 😀


  2. Haha, thank you for your kind words! I just finished “revamping” my About page and it’s about as jazzy as it will get for now.

    It actually took me more than the usual two seconds to find your About page for me, mainly because you’ve titled it “The Writer.” So my first thing would be to put it somewhere more visible. I actually think your About page is pretty decent for a niche blog, but I’m not familiar with what other book bloggers have on their sites.


  3. I don’t really have much book info on mine, weird I know, but I included my other interests, in part so that things like history posts wouldn’t seem so random. It’s a good idea to spend a while on it, and I’d suggest you write whatever you feel fits and in the style you want, too. Navel-gazing on your about page is almost expected! Maybe your background in reading – how you came to be a reader, for example, and go from there.


    1. Yeah, that’s a good idea – I like yours, sometimes I wonder if too much bookish info is a bit overwhelming/niche for any non book fanatics perusing the blog. So other interests (I’m sure I have some of those somewhere) is a really good idea.


  4. Great topic, Alice! Honestly, most of the time when I visit an About page, this is the information I want to know:

    – Their name
    – Their age
    – Where they live
    – What they do (student? job? etc.)
    – What they look like (picture, obvs.)
    – Contact info (email & links to goodreads, twitter, etc.)

    Obviously, not everyone wishes to share all of this information, but I can still wonder about it! And anything beyond this is bonus content, which I may or may not read. More likely if it’s in list form. (Which is so ironic considering the state of my About page. :P)


    1. I think that’s a good spectrum of general info to share; thinking about it, it is what I like to see too. Maybe anything that can’t lead to stalking is probably okay to add, ha. 🙂 Thanks for these ideas m’dear!


  5. Once you’ve decided what makes a perfect about page, please let us all know. :p I’ve never been able to figure out what sort of things I should put in my own About page — I think I’ve compromised by being super minimalist. But really, I can’t even remember.


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