Blogging and Busy Schedules

Thank you everyone who commented on my post on my About Page, which is in dire need of an improvement, I shall be implementing your advice this weekend. Today’s discussion is less about novels and more about finding time to read them – your advice is needed once more.


You forget while you’re unemployed, how much time you actually have. Days, hours, minutes all tend to blur and without even realising how you’ve lost a few weeks. While I am very much looking forward to appreciating my weekends once more, I am at the point where I am wondering when I can factor in time to blog during my weekday downtime.

I am sure once I am used to living the life of an adult again I’ll be able to allocate more of my mental faculties to more things, however, my job is now my top priority and I need to focus on excelling in that. I am considering taking the time to drafting any blogs for the week at the weekend – I only post three times after all – and schedule them; depending on what I want to discuss, I think that my be the only way I can fit in further reading, studying for work and commenting on other blogs.

How do you balance blogging and life?

7 thoughts on “Blogging and Busy Schedules

  1. Scheduling posts is an awesome thing because even if I have more free time than expected during the week, I’m usually too braindead to write anything coherent. Or, I’ll spend that time catching up on my favorite blogs instead.


    1. I took your advice and install that editorial plugin, life saver! I think I’ll just end up writing the majority of my blogs at the weekend.


  2. I write everything on the weekend! Occasionally I’ll find the time during a weekday lunch break to write a review out longhand, but as a rule, I write all my posts on the weekend and schedule them in advance. The good thing about this is you can write as many posts as you want, and schedule them way way far ahead of time, and then you’ve bought yourself extra reading space. I aspirationally want to always have a month’s post scheduled out in advance, though in practice it doesn’t ever stay that way for very long.


    1. Glad I’m not the only one! I never thought of it in terms of allowing extra readin time, very good point.

      If I could get most things sorted a month in advance it would be a miracle!


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