Review: What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? by Marianne Schnall

The last woman who headed the UK was Margaret Thatcher, a Tory woman who in no way represented my needs as a female citizen. In terms of representation and empowerment, for me, she doesn’t count; I still want to know when we can make a woman Prime Minister. This need and my interest in Feminism lead me to Schall’s book, What Will it Take to Make a Woman President.

coverWhat Will It Take to Make a Woman President? features conversations with more than twenty leading politicians, writers, artists, and activists about why America has not yet elected a female president. To find out what it will take to get a woman into the White House, expert interviewer Marianne Schnall tackles the issue from many different angles and perspectives, gathering insights from high profile, influential leaders from all sectors.

The interviews include a variety of provocative questions, including:

What would a woman bring to the presidency and to leadership of the US and the world?
What obstacles (societal, political, and self-imposed) have been holding women back?
What changes need to happen to make a female president a reality?
Is America really ready for a female president?

Oddly, considering how I can ramble on for ages when it concerns feminism, I do not have much to say about this book that I haven’t already covered when discussing similar books.  This is a collection of some very interesting and influential women and men. Would they all call themselves feminists, I do not think so, but they certainly want to progress and improve the position of women in American, if not the world.

While an interesting deliberation with a range of interviewees, what Schnall neglected when writing this book was an engaging structure. It is a series of interviews asking relatively the same questions. It was hard to focus my attention on this structure and I couldn’t help but think throughout, ‘if this were a Documentary, I would love it.’

What Will it Take to Make a Woman President is undeniably worth reading, however, I would recommend doing so in small chunks and not a long sitting. Anything elongated risks, if you are easily distracted like myself, missing some of the crucial messages it conveys.

What Will It Take to Make A Woman President? by Marianne Schnall was published Perseus Books Group, Seal Press and was kindly given to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review , thank you! 

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