New Layout: Your Feedback Needed!

As you can see, I have once again changed the layout. The last one felt oversized and clumpy, so I wanted to use something simpler that was easy to read (and easier to see what I had written before). I have amended the categories – I have a lot less, and you can now also search by tag – so I am hoping navigation will be a lot simpler now.

However, I need feedback on how it feels to visit the site and read, so if you could let me know what you like and dislike that would be fantastic.

Thanking you kindly,


12 thoughts on “New Layout: Your Feedback Needed!

  1. I like it! Clean and professional looking. I can’t think of much to improve on the individual post page. The main index, however, can be a little bit confusing. It would help if the most recent posts can be highlighted in some way but it might be my own personal preference!


    1. Frustratingly there isn’t a way to change it, although I may create a child theme and try and play around with it – or at least make the date more prominent. Thank you!


  2. I like it. It’s simple, as you say, in a good way, and the palate’s nice. Regarding the index page, if there’s a way to make it use the images from the post it’d look even better (aka it looks good anyway, but images might set it off).


    1. Yeah, I was considering images on the index page. Only problem is, I’d have to upload a separate image at a specific size – this layout doesn’t resize the image for you.


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