Book Buying Ban & Daunt Book Festival

Book shop sign Image from Kladcat

This post is dedicated to the amount of books I have bought recently, and my relationship with the less than ethical Amazon.

Between November 2013 and now I have bought seventy-one books, more than I purchased in the ten months prior. I blame employment, having money to purchase frivolously is a dangerous thing. It’s been something I have tried to put out of my mind, but after chatting to, Manda about the state of our spending habits I decided to take action and mock-up a budget for March. It was an illuminating endeavour: my need to own books has a detrimental affect on my ability to save. In addition, not only am I buying books faster than I am reading them – both in physical and kindle formats – I am buying them from a singular source, Amazon. With this in mind, I will be enforcing upon myself a book buying ban during March, well, an online book buying ban. It’s not that I think anyone should feel guilty for using Amazon – especially not in this current economic climate – however, while I have more than enough books to read I shouldn’t be buying for the sake of owning.

There are a myriad of brilliant book shops, I need to stop being lazy and find them. Not to mention, with my self-imposed online purchasing ban I will have money to spend when I am in London for the Daunt Book Festival. The festival runs on 27th and 28th of March at Daunt’s Marylebone shop and has been organised by fellow book blogger, Emily of EmilyBooks. It looks marvellous; I’ll be there for the first two events on the 27th if anyone would like to come and say, Hi – I am friendly, I promise. No doubt I will get some books while I am there, and I want to head over to Persephone Books to peruse their selection too. If you see a strange women struggling down to Brighton on the 28th with more books than is natural for one person to carry, that will be me.

To conclude, as I feel I have waffled, I shall now buy books sparingly and only from shops – farewell Amazon, farewell laziness.

Have you had to ban yourself from buying books?

9 thoughts on “Book Buying Ban & Daunt Book Festival

  1. I think buying from shops rather than Amazon is an excellent idea — friendlier to the economy and also (I find) just more fun! I like browsing through physical books.

    I’m also addicted to keeping budgets. I love my budget spreadsheet. I can’t imagine how I ever lived without my budget spreadsheet.


    1. One downside I have found thus far – went into my local Sussex Stationers (it’s part book shop) and I couldn’t find Americanah anywhere, it was horrible organised. But, I am still optimistic.

      I’ve become a little obsessed with my budget spreadsheet, especially they way the amount of cash I have seems to be dramatically seeping away.


  2. I’m very tempted to sign up for that festival. I’ve still not been to any yet and really liked Daunt Books when I visited it. I can definitely recommend Persephone, the shop is just so nice.

    I’ve not bought books from Amazon for quite a while, other than downloading free ebooks. I found once I made a vague plan it just happened.

    Oh, and it helps with the book buying ban because of the extra cost 😉


  3. Are you going to the Celebrating Virago Modern Classics event at the Daunt Books Festival? I am tempted to buy a ticket! I have also been trying to avoid online book buying, particularly from Amazon, though it comes in handy when you really want a book that is out of print (which is my current predicament)!


    1. I am! Do let me know if you attend.

      Amazon has it’s pros and cons, I think it’s more its ethics that bother me. But, considering the economy we are in – and if it has books you can’t get elsewhere – I don’t think people should feel bad about using it. Unless your a rich, then you should know better. lol.


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