We need to talk about: blogger’s block

Hello, hope you all had a marvellous world book night. There wasn’t anything happening near me – that I could find via Google – so my world book night celebration got about as exciting as reading while attempting to cook can be.

I haven’t had the will or the ideas to write from this week, I apologies for the silence. Next week will be more productive.

In the meantime, I’ll just leave this here:



Fun fact, I hate cats.

Image from Nesster

11 thoughts on “We need to talk about: blogger’s block

  1. Awww, look at that kitty! I don’t hate cats but I am mildly nervous of them. They are just completely unpredictable! You never know when they will turn on you and attack your face. I prefer dogs, which have evolved to crave our approval.


    1. I just saw your blog post on the readathon in my feed reader, I – unsurprisingly considering this is me – had no idea it was on! I will try and participate 😀


  2. That’s how I felt just before the Easter break. I found that having a bit of a break away from the blog and focusing more on reading helped!


    1. Yeah, I have found that has helped me too, not blogging really last week – especially taking a pause and not posting my usual Monday review – was really helpful. Back to normal this week.


  3. I’ve been having horrible blogger/writer/reader block as of late. I don’t know why…

    How can you look at that picture and hate cats? I’m not too fond of them, I have two of them though. I adopted them, they were the saddest looking things and I was feeling guilty.


    1. Ha! See, they trick you with their sad faces, I know where I am with a dog, they are pretty transparent. Cat’s are mysterious, maybe I just find them too similar.


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