Murder, She Wrote

No review from me today, I’m sticking with my bank holiday rule that a Monday off work means a Monday off writing.

I’m not reading much at the moment, mainly because I’ve become (re)addicted to Murder, She Wrote. When I grown up I want to be Jessica Fletcher.

In other news, I prefer new Doctor to old Doctor.

4 thoughts on “Murder, She Wrote

  1. Prefer new Doctor to old Doctor, eh? That is quite a claim! I am intrigued by it, but not intrigued enough to try to overcome how much Steven Moffat’s lady issues make me want to punch him. After he leaves the show and someone else takes over as showrunner, I will go back and watch the Moffat-run episodes, and they’ll be less enraging because they’ll be from a bygone age.


  2. I only ever watched Dr Who because of David Tennant. I have zero interest otherwise, but I might start watching again when they get a female Dr, which they must do soon. I vote for Helen Mirren or HBC.


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