A Reading Slump

It wasn’t my plan to chat about my reading slump this week, I was hoping for something a little more stimulating to discuss. Alas, my reading slump has become a blogging slump and writing has become as uninspiring as finding a book I actually want to read.

Slumps seem to be a common occurrence amongst bloggers at the moment. Charlie made a very interesting observation, that slumps can become circular. A continual move back and forth between barely reading and reading everything under the sun. I definitely find myself experiencing this monsoon-drought reading cycle.

I’ve also found that blogging can often bring on a slump. The need to write a review weekly – especially when books are okay but don’t scream ‘write about me’ – can be a hindrance as well as an enjoyable experience.

Neither of these thoughts has brought me to any sort of conclusion, so the slump continues.

Perhaps all I need is another good book to rejuvenate my mind. Any suggestions? By good, I mean The Secret History or Parade’s End good.*

* I probably mean epic.

15 thoughts on “A Reading Slump

  1. I’ve been in a major slump too, and I still haven’t completely climbed out of it. This week I decided to abandon my rigid to-read list and just pick up whatever I felt like reading, and I ended up with a couple of books I don’t think I would normally have chosen, but that I’m enjoying very much. But it is slow-going. I hope we both get out of our slumps soon!

    I totally agree with the circular thing — it definitely feels that way.


    1. That’s a really good idea, take the pressure off it. I ended up doing that as well, it’s been 50/50 hit and miss, although I’ve not had a huge time to read so that could be why I’m struggling to fall into anything.

      I hope our slumps end soon as well, I miss the feeling that comes from a good book.


  2. I always find that anything I read when I am really in a slump I tend to drag down to the level of my slumpness (if that makes sense) so my way out is to re-read books that I know I will love and let that gently bring me back out of my slough of despond.


    1. I know what you mean, a perfectly good book could become a miss in the midst of a slump.

      I hadn’t even thought of re-reading, that is a very good idea and I shall try it!


    1. I think this may be the only solution. I’m actually excited about a few books I’m going to get when I am paid, so hopefully that will jolt me from this slumpiness.


  3. Reading slumps are so painful. I never had them before I started blogging and I’m pretty sure that the ‘overwhelm factor’ of being made aware that there are SO MANY books I need to read has a lot to do with feeling in a slump. I’ve found that the best way out of it it, for me, is to read what I want to, whether that be a fluffy Regency romance or a biography that no one else would be remotely interested in. The pressure of ‘having’ to produce blog posts can be kind of overwhelming sometimes. I push myself to do it, but most of the time I don’t really want to. I’ve tried many times to quit blogging but I miss the interaction with other people who love books and reading. It’s a conundrum! Good luck with finding the right book.


    1. I feel exactly the same way. I love the interaction of blogging – and personally I think book blogs need reviews – but it can suddenly become a pressure to read. I’ve finally decided to fall into Barbara Comyns and Elizabeth Taylor until I can purchase some more books I know I am excited to read.


  4. I do think reviews can contribute to slumps. We’re more critical of the books we’re reading just because of the fact that we’re trying to think about them in a review way, and then when we find that none of them blow us away we’re discouraged to keep reading. It’s rough! Maybe just reading and not reviewing for a bit may help? Maybe rereading a favorite might be good? Maybe you should just embrace the slump and marathon some shows on Netflix? haha. I don’t know!

    I haven’t read the epic book you mentioned, but I’ve most recently fallen in love with Stormdancer, so maybe give that one a go? Oh, and The Raven Boys. That was good. READ AGAIN! YOU CAN DO IT!


    1. Haha, thanks Asti!

      I’ve finally fallen into some comfort books by Comyns and Taylor, but I’ve also considered re-reading Harry Potter of ASoIaF. (Not to mention my marathon watching of Murder, She Wrote XD.)

      Definitely agree that blogging can put more pressure on reading, and makes us look at books differently – more critically.


  5. You are not alone. Lately, it seems like there are a lot of folks going through the same thing and here’s what a few have decided to do. http://www.stillunfinished.com/2014/09/21/the-sunday-salon-the-maybe-ive-got-an-answer-to-the-blogging-slump-edition/ Me? I’m going simple too. Three posts a week and that is it. As for reviews, I don’t do them so I feel no pressure. I talk about books once a week but don’t do reviews of them.


    1. That’s a good way of thinking about it Bryan! I hadn’t thought of it in terms to chatting books rather than ‘reviewing’ them. That certainly feels less pressured.

      Thank you for the link, I shall go look at that now.


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