Shiny New Books: Stay Up With Me by Tom Barbash

The third issue of Shiny New Books is out!

I’ve written a review of Stay Up With Me by Tom Barbash. Check out Victoria’s wonderful interview of Barbash as well.

Just head over and peruse generally really, there are some great reviews and bookbuzz.

My personal favourite: Five facts about Frances Hodsgson Burnett

4. After the death from consumption of her older son Lionel, Frances turned to Spiritualism and Christian Science. The ideas she learned from these belief systems found their way into her books, especially The Secret Garden, in which Mary Lennox persuades her sick young cousin that he can heal himself though the power of positive thinking.

I’ve always wondered about this!


2 thoughts on “Shiny New Books: Stay Up With Me by Tom Barbash

  1. I’ve never wondered about it as such, but it always stayed in my mind, mostly, actually, before I read the book because of the way the film looked at it. I wouldn’t have thought it was from beliefs she’d personally encountered so that’s new to me.

    I’ve opened the review for my coffee break 🙂


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