Carrie’s Book Club

Carrie’s Book Club is a delightful creation from YouTuber Carrie Fletcher of ItsWayPastMyBedtime. She’s an avid reader and all around talented lady, and I love that she is chatting about books to her many viewers.

December’s box was A Christmas Carol themed; with a Christmas decoration, humbugs, scented candles, a wooden postcard and a bookmark. Carrie includes a letter in each box, explaining the contents and the literary theme. It really is very cute.


My box was £16 and you can do a number of subscriptions from one month to six (there is no discount when ordering in bulk).

What with it being called a book club, I did expect it to come with a book and I was disappointed when it didn’t. It’s my own fault, it never actually says you’ll get a book, I just assumed that it would. It’s the reason I won’t be buying a box again. When I thought the box came with a book it felt affordable, as adorable and lovely as this box is I can’t justify the cost sans book.

This is the perfect gift for any book lover, and were I richer I would be a regular subscriber.

4 thoughts on “Carrie’s Book Club

  1. Yes, as it’s called a book club you’d expect it to have a book so that is misleading, even if the FAQ says there’s none (and you wouldn’t think to check it for that). With one included I’d say it’s a great idea. I believe Book Riot’s includes books, though it is more expensive.


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