ofBooks Turns Three

As of tomorrow (23rd January) ofBooks will be three years old.

I’ve been blogging – on and off – since I was 18 (which I have just realised is 10 years, good lord). But, I’ve never stuck with a blog for as long as this. I remember when I started, I posted one review a week and had no idea that there were any blogs like mine out there other than SavidgeReads and other long term book bloggers.

A year after that I found stumbled upon numerours book blogs, including Charlie from The Worm Hole, and a year after that I discovered NetGalley, and even more blogs.

Sticking with something for so long (I’m usually fickle) has reinforced my belief that reading and discussing books is what makes me truly happy. It’s not always easy, and I don’t always have something significant to say, but I’m better for this blogging mallarky.

Have some ‘stats’:

My first post was on the 23rd of January: Hey Nerds.

I was wittier (I think) in my first year, and wrote longer introductions to my reviews: The Notebook.

I’m bored of stats.

How long have you been blogging for? Do you still love it as much as when you started? Do you find you blog or read differently now from when you began?

Image by Will Clayton.

22 thoughts on “ofBooks Turns Three

  1. That is so awesome. 😀 Time goes by so fast.

    I think having this blog has started many wonderful things for you and I can only hope those things open up to be bigger and brighter in all the ways you want!

    I think I made my first blog in early 2003, I know I got my first domain in that year and was blogging before that, so I think somewhere in that year, although I don’t know if ‘diaryland’ counts haha. Many of my posts have now become more orientated towards photography/imagery, which I never thought would happen when I started.


    1. Thanks Kya! 😀 Time definitely speeds by.

      I remember our early website blogging days (with the fanlistings) you’ve come so far with your art and webdesign, you’ve got better and better.


  2. Aww, happy blogging birthday, lady!! I still love blogging — I have been blogging not quite as long as you, but a long-ass time nevertheless — though the quality of my affection for it has changed a number of times. Part of me misses the old coziness of the blog community when I was a baby blogger, and part of me is excited to know how many different voices we have now. Right now I’m having a slightly hard time making myself write posts, but I’m taking a break for the month of February, which I expect will put paid to the problem.


    1. Thanks m’dear! I’m in a similar position posting wise, I think taking a month off is a marvellous idea, you can get back to enjoying reading without the obligation of writing. I think I need to find more stimulating books, I’m reading anything that makes me want to write about it.


  3. I think once you’ve been doing this long enough, which I guess you have :), you get bored of stats, so I understand. I’ve been blogging for about 10 years, but with this latest blog for going on three years. I definitely blog differently than when I first started, which was a lot more. Now I blog once a week but it’s okay. I’m still enjoying it and maybe even more.


  4. Happy blog birthday! I have not read every single post (I usually avoid reviews of unread books) but enjoyed all of the ones I have. As someone who still struggles a bit it is wonderful to hear you have found what you love doing blog-wise and I look forward to more future posts!


    1. Thanks, Melody!

      Haha, that’s okay, I don’t expect anyone to read all my posts (I tend to avoid reviews of books I’ve not read, but probably will as well).


  5. Congratulations, Alice! That blogging makes you happy is evident in your posts, what you write about 🙂

    Five years this April. I do love it as much, though it’s different. I’m more restrained but more organised. I do read differently, not completely, but I started happy to have English Lit classes behind me and now wish I could relive them.


    1. Thanks 😀

      It’s funny how we miss things like English class after a while, I miss my uni courses though at the time I would have been wishing they could end so I could go home and build websites lol.


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