I’m ending Poetry Wednesday

I’ve decided to bring an end to my Wednesday poetry post. Not through any lack of enjoyment, but because it seems fairly redundant re-posting a poem without reflecting on it.

I will probably work a poem in once a month where I can, on a Thursday, with more of an explanation of why I’ve enjoyed the poem and what it means to me (and probably where my interpretation diverges from it’s actual meaning).

I may well go over some of my favourite poems I’ve posted here, and if you have any requests of poems I’ve posted and you’d like to know why, just let me know in the comments.

This puts me down to two posts a week now, which feels less intimidating.

6 thoughts on “I’m ending Poetry Wednesday

  1. I really like the idea of hearing your interpretation on the poems. I always read your posts, but I often don’t know how to respond to a poem post. xD


    1. Yeah, I don’t blame you, I think I would have the same issue as a reader. All I’m doing is reposting someone else’s hard work, what is there to comment.


  2. Less pressure = good idea 🙂 The monthly post sounds very promising. A poem by itself is nice, but yes, your explanation and the meaning you’ve found would make a lovely read.


  3. I posted a few poems here and there, on my blog too and then I realized like you, that it was just reposting and not adding to any discussion. Same way if I only posted a YouTube video or an audio clip…unless it was something I produced. But since I don’t produce music (thank God), that’s not going to happen.


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