I have no self-control

So my book buying ban lasted, what, a week?

Not only have I raided my local bookshop, City Books, I’ve also bought three books from the shop that shall not be named.

It all started with Never Let Me Go. My friend read and loved it, and Ishiguro has been in the news due to his new book release. So I went to City Books for Never Let Me Go…. and came out with Never Let Me Go, Howards End and six Little Black Classics.


  1. Circe and the Cyclops by Homer
  2. Miss Brill by Katherin Mansfield
  3. How Much Land Does a Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy
  4. The Great Fire of London by Samuel Pepys
  5. The Night is Darkening Round Me by Emily Brontë
  6. Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen

I’ve only read Homer thus far, and frankly I’m nervous about reading the other five in fear of the repercussions. After reading Homer, I bought The Odyssey, Medea and other plays by Euripides, and The Histories by Herodotus.

I have a problem….

And I’ve decided to embrace it. Who cares if I have more books than space, more unread than is ‘necessary’; books make me happy and I’m bored of feeling guilty.

What books have you bought recently? What #littleblackclassics do you own? Are you going to collect them all?

12 thoughts on “I have no self-control

  1. I’ve been book buying too, my post will be up tomorrow 🙂 I am interested in those Little Black Classics I haven’t seen or heard of them before. Remind of the bargain price version of plays and classics we used to be able to get from my university bookshop.


  2. Never feel guilty for loving books. Yes, they cost and take up space, but the happiness is separate 🙂

    I didn’t know about those classics before reading this post – they look like less well-known reads, is that correct? Most recently I’ve ‘bought’ some freebies, as I’m doing the get through TBR list thing at the moment.


    1. 😀 Exactly, Charlie. Wise words.

      I think, other than in the book community, they’ve had quite a quiet release. I didn’t even know till a friend told me about them.


  3. I’m in love with you and your blog. You make me want to better myself by reading and reading and reading. I haven’t picked up a book for a month now and I swear after I came across your blog I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up three books.

    So yeah! Who cares if you have more book than “necessary”!


  4. Here here! No rules, no guilt. Buy what you like when you like (provided you don’t bankrupt yourself of course!) Like Naomi says think off all the authors (and publishers, and bookshops) you’re supporting. Nowadays they need every little help they can get.


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