Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Rereading with Harry Potter

I rarely ever reread books. In fact, I have probably reread more books this year than I ever have before. M’colleague, Dom, suggested I dedicate a segment of my blog to it, so this is me giving him credit on the off-chance he reads this post. Happy, Dom?

Thus far I’ve re-read the first three Harry Potter books (after reading How to be a Heroine I felt rather a strong urge to revisit the most important books of my youth) and Our Spoons Came From Woolworths.

I’ve already written about Spoons, so I’m dedicating this post to recapping Potter & co.

Reading Harry Potter the first time I was fairly obsessed with Snape, I just knew there had to be more to him (could this be something to do with Alan Rickman….., yes).

I wanted to be Slytherin (Pottermore, by pure happenstance, granted me that wish some years later) and I thought maybe there was something good in Malfoy. I also disliked Harry, I thought he was moany. Perhaps my deep felt desire to be different set me against Gryffindor from the start. Don’t misunderstand me, all hail the Dumbledore, I just didn’t want to be Gryffindor like everyone else.

This time round:

  • I just want to be Neville’s best friend, the poor guy
  • Harry is far less annoying
  • Ron is an arse
  • Snape is a bully. Unlikely hero he may be and a fascinating character, but he’s not a nice man
  • Malfoy can go suck it the miserable little weasel
  • Go go Weasley twins!
  • I love Hermione
  • Can I have a Dumbledore, please?

This is only after reading the first three books. However, I’m fairly certain both Ron and Malfoy aren’t going to grow much in my estimation.

Who knows where I’ll be after the next four (in tears).

What have you reread recently?

12 thoughts on “Rereading with Harry Potter

  1. Like you, I am having fun re-reading the most important books of my youth – the Anne of Green Gables series. It’s a lot of fun to see, after all these years, which parts I remember best, and which parts I get now that I didn’t then, etc.
    I’m not a big re-reader either, but I always wished that I was. Maybe after the Anne books, I’ll continue with it a bit.
    I love your little sum-up. I’ve read all the books and watched all the movies with my kids, and I like Ron. I especially like all the cute faces he makes in the first movie. So, I have to ask: why do you think he’s an arse?


    1. I think it can be hard to reread, with the prospect of another great adventure round the corner.

      It’s not something I think I can put my finger on. He’s not a bad character, but he is stubborn and judgemental, which jars with me.


  2. I reread the first three books early last year, I’m yet to get to the next four though and might start over first. It is definitely interesting to see how my thoughts and feelings of the characters changed now that I am older and also after seeing the characters come to live on the big screen. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the next four books!


  3. It is really interesting to hear your thoughts on it now, after so many years. I want to read them again and see what my thoughts and feelings are. I don’t know if I will ever like Harry or ever want to be a Gryffindor though…. >.<


  4. I reread the first three around Christmas, as a bit of comfort reading, but haven’t got around to the rest yet. It’s interesting seeing that world from an adult perspective, seeing how your views change. I love Hermione too!


    1. Exactly, it’s so interesting to see how full adult, mostly mature, Alice enjoys the plot and characters. I’m so different now from then and I want to have a different opinion as much as I want the books to feel the same.


  5. I reread constantly, I admit! I am doing a new thing now where I’m abstaining from reading the Harry Potter books until they come out in the new editions, with the Jim Kay illustrations. Cause I am super excited for those books, and I feel that if I don’t reread Harry Potter at all except when they come out, it will go a small way towards justifying the amount of money I’m going to be spending on them. :p

    I don’t not want to be a Gryffindor, but I just feel I wouldn’t be well-suited to it. Not brave enough.


    1. I much admire your ability to read and reread, Jenny! You power through.

      I’d be an awful Gryffindor, much too cowardly (to my shame).

      I think your plan to abstain till the new editions come out is a clever idea, it’ll definitely make the expense worth it 😉


  6. I am . . . sort of in the process of re-reading HP, but the UK version on my Kindle. I got up to book 1-3, and am currently trying to read the 4th book. But fanfics are taking over my life.

    And yes, Ron’s an arse. Ever since GoF, I thought he was an arse and became more so in DH 😦

    But yes on Neville! And though Draco’s a weasel, I’ll still always like him when I write fanfics XD


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