Made in Reality by Stephanie Pratt

Review: Made in Reality by Stephanie Pratt

Fun (I doubt it’s fun) fact about me, I love watching Made in Chelsea. I know, I know, it’s terrible. Some people smoke a crack pipe, I watch ‘reality’ TV.

Made in Chelsea is a ‘guilty pleasure’, because while I know its all white cast getting paid to not do much is in no way fulfilling, watching it means I get to look at pretty things without having to think. It’s like sleeping.

I don’t want to read anything taxing at the moment either, anything where it takes energy to engage. Luckily, Stephanie Pratt, star of The Hills, and Made in Chelsea published her book last week and I didn’t have to.

‘Stephanie Pratt is the consummate reality star. Since 2007, her life has been lived almost as much on the small screen as off it, and constantly analysed in gossip columns. In Made in Reality, Stephanie gives an exclusive insight into the trials and tribulations of life on reality TV, taking us behind the scenes of The Hills, Made in Chelsea and even the Big Brother House. Nothing is off-limits, from the drama of her relationship with Spencer Matthews, to her issues with her brother Spencer Pratt. But there is more to Stephanie than the glamour of Beverly Hills and the Kings Road. For the first time, she shares her struggles with drug addiction, eating disorders, and the pressures of fame in the internet age.’ GoodReads.

I like Steph. Her book isn’t going to blow your mind, but it’s written honestly, and kindly. It reads simply, as though she were speaking to you.  And, unfortunately, contains at actual ‘Lol’, which was upsetting. Otherwise, it was an entertaining read, easily digested within a few hours.

I had no idea about her depression or drug problem, and I think it’s incredibly impressive that she has come out of the other side of it, and how honest and unembarrassed she is. And she shouldn’t be embarrassed, bad stuff happened and she learnt from it. Steph is honest and doesn’t place the blame with anyone but herself.

If you want a quick read I recommend reading it, you’ll like her.

Now I’m going to start reading a fantasy novel because something has to fill in the gap George R. R. Martin insists on enlarging.

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