Extra Shiny New Books

I’ve mismanaged my time again this summer, and not prepped a review to go out. On the plus side, Extra Shiny was out last Thursday.

Their book club is discussing The Paying Guests, and they are running a poetry competition! I reviewed Tender by Belinda McKeon – which I loved. I think everyone should read it.

Here are some other Extra Shiny bits I enjoyed:

I think I’ll make September the month where I get back to normal.

6 thoughts on “Extra Shiny New Books

  1. Summer’s a mess for blogging! And I actually consider summer to be a mess altogether: If I accomplish literally anything on evenings and weekends in the summer, instead of lying on the floor wailing about how hot it is, it counts as a success for me. (The heat index was 110 today please send help why did I choose to live so close to the equator)


    1. Woah! You need a mini aircon you can carry around with you like an air fan. After that awful week in June the heat has been fine here, I’ll send you some of our cold.


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