#BBAW Day 1: Introduce Yourself!


It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week (#BBAW), a week of appreciating bloggers of books hosted by Estella Society, Things Mean a Lot & Reading the End. Five days of appreciation, interviews and discussions.

Day 1’s topic is introductions, but as I hate talking about my self (consciously) here are five books (that may or may not) represent me.

  • Harry Potter
    Wait, what? Yup, without these books I probably wouldn’t be the reader I am today. It makes me happy and each time I revisit I get something new out of it.
  • My Brilliant Friend
    I just don’t think I’ve ever read a book, or series of books, that have so accurately depicted a woman – so how could it not represent me or how I see the world.
  • The Secret History
    Because secretly all I want to be is an intellectual, money riddled, over privileged young adult, but luckily for my friends I don’t want to kill. Joke! I could actually kill….. *cough*
  • Parade’s End
    Because English and anxiety.
  • Frankenstein
    I create monsters.

God, I have no idea what books represent me, it’s a mystery.

If you could pick a book that (even vaguely) reminded you of me, what would it be?

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11 thoughts on “#BBAW Day 1: Introduce Yourself!

  1. Have you seen the PARADE’S END adaptation with Cumberbatch? It’s pretty good. Everyone should read FRANKENSTEIN at least once to realize it is nothing like the common concept. It’s very little about making monsters. Plus it’s just great storytelling. It must hold some sort of record for frame stories. 🙂


    1. Agreed! It’s not a horror in the modern sense at all, it’s completely psychological. I have seen the adaptation, yes. It was good, but I’ll always love the novels more.


  2. I loved My Brilliant Friend. It’s one of the best books about friendship I have ever read…now I need to read the second one. And big literary high five for The Secret History!


  3. I am so with you on Harry Potter and The Secret History — both of those are books that I considered including in my list of five, and I ended up not for various reasons. I think it’s that I thought Jane Eyre was the ur-Secret History in terms of reasons why I love it, and Fire and Hemlock said more about me than Harry Potter. But the decision could have gone the opposite way. Harry Potter in particular, God I love that book.


    1. I found that there were more choices that I thought there would be for this, but that it was difficult at the same time. Also, some of my choices were wishful thinking haha.


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