The Last Bookstore, LA

I’ve acquired a plethora of books in the last few months, more than I can be bothered to list. Considering that I have little to no room for them I’m not quite sure how smart buying them all was, but hey-ho, I’m happy.

I can’t visit another country without finding a bookshop and decided well in advance that I had to visit The Last Bookstore while I was in LA. It’s an amazing used and new bookshop in downtown LA. I seriously considered trying to live there without them noticing.


It’s a mishmash of modern decor, tall bookshelves, quirky art, and records. I didn’t know where to focus my attention, the art books or the older classics (which you can see above).

They have a book tunnel, need I say more?IMG_20160126_092819

I could have spent all my money in there, but managed to limit myself to six books costing me only $23 – I do so love a used book!


From left to right:

  • A Boy Named Phyllis – Frank DeCaro (Memoir)
  • The Thirty-Nine Steps – John Buchan (Fiction)
  • The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy (Fiction)
  • The Moons of Jupiter – Alice Monro (Short Stories)
  • The Secret Life of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd (Fiction)
  • Coriolanus – Shakespeare (Play)

I’ve already finished DeCaro’s memoir and The God of Small Things – what shall I read next?

Bought any new books lately?

8 thoughts on “The Last Bookstore, LA

  1. I liked The Secret Life of Bees when I read it many years ago. Maybe it’s still good! Also, I’m pretty sure The Moons of Jupiter will be good. How was The God of Small Things?


  2. Oh, Coriolanus, I haven’t thought about that play in years. I read it at university for my early modern something class, and it was — something. What made you pick that one up, in particular? It’s a really weird play! Lots of good stuff in it, I mean…just weird.


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