jean ralphio and steve

Where are you when inspiration strikes?

And what do you do?

At the gym Sunday, I was peddling away on the exercise bike to an episode of Emma Gannon’s podcast when suddenly inspiration took me and I emailed myself an idea. However, when I sat at my computer Sunday evening to write it up I lacked the inspiration to do anything with the idea.

I felt so full of creativity sat on that bike, but sat in bed now I feel about as creative as a rock. (Having Lewis on in the background probably isn’t helping. I’m also now addicted to Endeavour, but that’s a story for another discussion – See! I’m so distracted.).

Why is it that creativity strikes at the strangest of times, and what do you do about it?

Do you stop what you’re doing and just write? Sketch out the idea for later? Or – unlike me – is it as easy to write it later on as it is when the idea hits you?

Teach me your wise ways while I enjoy this .gif of Jean-Ralphio meeting Steve from Stranger things.


Mind blow.


5 thoughts on “Where are you when inspiration strikes?

  1. I think for me it just depends on the idea! Sometimes I lose inspiration if I don’t hop right to it in that instant moment, and other times my inspired brain gives me a little more wiggle room on time. I always hope for the latter, of course, but there are many more moments in my life where I do NOT have time to sit down and write a thing, than moments where I DO.


  2. I generally find that if it’s a detailed idea, where I’ve lots of points to note down already, if I don’t write it in full that day or within a few then I won’t write it very well at all and will forget the nuances. So of course, knowing that, I keep not writing when I should and the idea remains on my list. The problem is the more points you have the longer you know you’ll need, the easier it is to lose the exact viewpoint you were going for. So I completely emphasise with this!

    Short, simple ideas? No problem – whenever.


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