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Literary Life: January in Review

Since my book-binge, at the end of December, I’ve found a desire to read return or at least balance with the need to switch off my mind. I’ve finished the last of Sarah Moss’ fiction I had left to read (and now I’m mildly bereft) and the Emily Next series by L. M. Montgomery (which I adored).

I got two extra ear piercings in my left ear lobe, bring the count to 8 ear piercings now. Some do adventures, some dye their hair, some do tattoos, I pierce my ears when I feel a strong desire for change.

Next step, move out.

Currently Reading:

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood



I’ve Read:

  1. Take Courage: Anne Bronte and the Art of Life – Samantha Ellis
  2. Dune – Frank Herbert
  3. Signs for Lost Children – Sarah Moss
  4. Emily Climbs – L. M. Montgomery
  5. Emily’s Quest – L. M. Montgomery
  6. Stay With Me – Ayobami Adebayo
  7. Idaho – Emily Ruskovich

Hard to pick a favourite from this lot, each one made me feel different in an incomparable way.

How was your January?

9 thoughts on “Literary Life: January in Review

  1. I had a very busy January but I am pleased to have still managed to finish 4 books. I love you ear piercings – I am very tempted to get mine down again. I wish you all the best in life and of course reading in February 🙂


  2. I like the piercings too, Alice! I’m quite conservative when it comes to my body—no piercings, no tattoos, and I’ve had pretty much the same haircut since I was twelve. Shaving the beard off and letting it grow long is about it as far as change goes. I had a good January, thanks! More non-fiction than usual, with The Fishermen being the only novel, but a good one. I’ll look forward to your review of Stay With Me—will probably read that when it comes out 🙂


  3. I’ve been meaning to read Dune but haven’t gotten around to it yet! Did you like it? I’ve heard a lot of great things about it and I know it’s considered a classic.

    Your ear piercings look great! Also, I haven’t visited in what feels like a while so I’m not sure if the new look is old or not but I love the new theme! I always love the minimalist look.


    1. I’m happy I read it, but it was a bit if a slog. And thanks very much, they hurt so much but it was worth it. And thanks, I think I’ve finally got a theme I’m happy with.


  4. Also adding that the piercings look good. I have wanted to get another couple in my ear done for a while but I seem to have turned into something of a coward these days!

    I have just finished reading your review of Dune and now I am looking at it on my shelf (where it has been for, literally, years) being all large and imposing, and thinking I should probably read it at some point this year. Mostly because Patrick Stewart is in the movie. I’ll take my motivation wherever it comes from.


    1. They hurt! So I don’t blame you. I think I was more fearless and carefree about my piercings when I was younger, I never fussed with checking if they are infected the way I do now.

      He is! Its so funny, I really need to finish watching the film. The book is brilliant in parts and a slog in parts, but I’m pleased I’ve read it.


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