I’m obsessed with the perfect playlist

I predominantly obsess over songs, listening over and over again until I am completely sick of them. Music is an escape for my imagination, and it likes to tell the same story until a new narrative is needed. Yet, there are some artists and songs that escape the listen-until-I-hate and they get moved into different places ready for when I need them.

When I need to concentrate at work, it’s early Classical or electronic instrumentals, when I need to imagine it’s loud Fleetwood Mac and their ilk bands, and when I want a bit of both it’s mellow spring like tunes.

More and more I find I need the balance, and very recently I’ve become a little obsessed with creating playlists for my needs. It began with an epic Christmas adventure and has since moved on to the music that helps me look past the cold to spring.

Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “I’m obsessed with the perfect playlist

  1. That is an amazing playlist! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Years ago I can remember you introduced me to so much great music. Like Dire Straits, Bowie and more. 😀


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