A New Treasure of Poetry

A New Treasure of Poetry compiled by Neil Philip

If I read a lot as a child, I don’t remember it. So it’s nice when I get little reminders that there was more to me that TV when I find books such as ‘A New Treasure of Poetry’ that my Aunt and Uncle gave to me for Christmas, 1994. I was eight, we must have been writing poetry at school, and the Wondercrump poetry book had sparked my imagination.

Only, I doubt I actually ever read it. I’m not even sure what made 18-year-old Alice keep it when we sold the family home, but here it is 12 years later.

A New Treasure of Poetry

It contains the usual suspects, Larkin, Wordsworth, Blake, Keats, Frost, Plath and Hughes, and to revisit it was a strangely comforting experience. Each time I read poetry I find a new poem that reflects how I am feeling.

“Were I a king I could command content.
Where I obscure, hidden should be my cares.
Or where I dead, no cares should me torment,
Nor hopes, nor hates, nor loves, nor griefs, nor fears,
A doubtful choice, of these three which to crave,
A kingdom, or a cottage, or a grave.”
– ‘Were I A King….’, Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford

Although in this case, I suspect what I have taken from the poem isn’t what the poem was giving me.

I also rediscovered a love of William Blake…

“He who binds to himself a joy
Doth the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity’s sun rise.”
– ‘He Who Binds To Himself A Joy’, William Blake

This compendium of poetry made for a rather lovely afternoon.

What poem have you recently discovered and loved?

One thought on “A New Treasure of Poetry compiled by Neil Philip

  1. What a great rediscovery. I am glad that you were able to read it again and probably look at the poems with a new perspective.

    I haven’t read poetry in a long time. 😦


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