It’s like that (and that’s the way it is)

I’ve written before about how my taste in books have changed since I began reading obsessively. My enjoyment of the lighter side of fiction began to wane as I discovered deeper, weightier literature. Snob that I am.

Yet, in the last year, I’ve seen my tastes change again. I began reading less due to starting a more stressful job, and even though I’ve since left that job and have been almost a month at my new company, that desire to consume every book I see still hasn’t returned. Which means when I do read, I crave distraction.

 kristen stewart twilight robert pattinson new moon GIF

Murder! Mystery! ….. Dragons?! Yup, if it occupies my mind with puzzle solving or a land unlike my own, I’m sold. Teens suspected of murder? I’m there. Nordic detectives? Hot damn. Sparkling vampires? …… I will never sink so low (gif aside).


Engrossing novels of this manner I have read recently:

 halloween book reading humour read GIF

But I’m also picky – if the story is great but their comparing eyelashes to tree branches (I’ve never read it, but I am certain it’s a thing) count me out. So I need your help (Elena and Jenny, I’m looking at you both). Give me my next adventure.


Recommend me your favourite Crime or Fantasy novels!

3 thoughts on “It’s like that (and that’s the way it is)

  1. Haha. No Sparkling vampires, awww. :p

    I recently read The Circle. It was interesting, the concept of a technology obsessed society, but I found I couldn’t connect with the characters.


  2. Hm…I just finished and returned What’s Left of Me – a dystopian(?) novel about being born with 2 souls, and I’m currently reading two entirely different books, from that one and each other. I’ve not read any of the books that you mentioned, although I have read that book series about sparkly vampires. Haha. As for recommendations, I really don’t read much crime or fantasy novels – although, I do love anything by Agatha Christie, H.P. Lovecraft, and one of the books I’m currently reading is a crime novel I suppose, The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter.


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